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ZZ Plant

Low to Bright Indirect Light & Bi-Weekly Watering
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ZZ Plant ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

Low to Bright Indirect Light & Bi-Weekly Watering
Looking for a plant that will hold up no matter where you put it? Say hello to the ZZ Plant (aka Zamioculcas zamiifolia or Zanzibar Gem). It's an easy, low-maintenance tropical houseplant with shiny, dark green leaves on stalks that grow anywhere between 3-5' tall. It's perfect for apartments and other indoor spaces, especially since it helps purify the air! The ZZ Plant can handle being ignored for weeks at a time. Water it once every three weeks in the warmer seasons, and just once a month when it's cold. Just be sure to rinse your hands after handling the leaves, and keep out of reach of curious pets, since the ZZ Plant may irritate some. With a lush, tropical look and an indestructibly easy-care nature, this is the perfect gift for someone without the time or capability to care for needy plants. Just set it on a shelf and let it work its heartwarming magic!
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