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Yew Globe Browni Hedge

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Yew Globe Browni Hedge Yew Globe Browni Hedge Yew Globe Browni Hedge Yew Globe Browni Hedge

Yew Globe Browni Hedge

There are good reasons why yews like Brownii have become the most widely planted hedge and foundation plant in the U.S. Here's why Brownii makes a great hedge or foundation planting:
  • Brownii is low-maintenance and trouble-free.
    It was "born" to be sheared and pruned. Brownii easily accepts shearing into standard hedge forms at whatever height you choose, from 4 to 10 feet tall.
    It tolerates a range of urban conditions and is very adaptable to nearly everything but soggy, wet soils which it has no tolerance of.
    It is rabbit and drought resistant
    It is tolerant of heavy shade
    It holds it deep green color even as far north as zone 4.
    Culturally a very undemanding shrub with attractive year-round color.

    Brownii is a male clone that will NOT form the typical red berries that most yews produce. Yes, they really are poisonious! Frequently severely damaged by deer. Medium to slow growth to a mature size of 8'-10' tall by 6' to 12' width, (depending on soil type and general growing conditions, etc.)
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