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Techny Arborvitae Hedge

This is no "insta-shade" hedge
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Techny Arborvitae Hedge

This is no "insta-shade" hedge
This arborvitae is the perfect living fence — just the right size, and it won't overtake your landscape. Techny Arborvitae is a dwarf, upright arborvitae with a broad base and nice, pyramid-shaped growing habit. It matures at 10-15 feet tall, making it the perfect windscreen to a patio or single-story building. Unlike some other hedge plants, Techny doesn't yellow in winter, so you'll enjoy lsuh, dark-green foliage all year long. This hedge can handle any tough conditions your landscape gives it—from clay soil to black walnut to air pollution. While the needles are lovely, the bark on mature branches adds a little extra texture in red-brown. Although Techny Arborvitae has a slower growth rate than other compact hedges, it tends to live happily for over 30 years. Thuja occidentalis 'Techny'
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