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Summer Cascade Wisteria Summer Cascade Wisteria Summer Cascade Wisteria

Summer Cascade Wisteria

Stunning Blooms up to Three Times a Year
If you're a northern gardener, do you ever envy southern gardens their arbors and pergolas covered in the most romantic blooming, vining wisteria? It's such a whimsical sight, we wouldn't be surprised. That's why we're excited to announce a new variety that does well all the way up through zone 4. It's an excellent performer, too. It blooms, with the most magnificent tresses, up to three times a year. These are gorgeously painted in pastels, they can be up to a foot long and their perfume turns heady in the afternoon sun. It's simply stunning. The one thing you have to be sure of is where you plant it. There's a reason you've seen wisteria on big, strong structures, it's got a lot of power in those heavy, woody vines. That's why some mistake it for the invasive cultivar, but we only sell the native, non-invasive variety.

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