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Nuttall Oak Shade Tree

One for the Ages
Although the cultivar's pretty fast for an oak, this is the slowest growing tree starter pack we offer—with lasting rewards. It provides the most shade and has the tallest, most impressive reach. Plus, it lasts for generations. Great for any wildlife fans, the branches and foliage provides shelter and protection for critters and eventually, it'll even produce acorns they can forage! Nuttall's look is gorgeous, a nice oval shape and brilliant red fall foliage. It's also very adaptable, with excellent wet-site tolerance. Say you want to use Nuttall oak trees for something like a privacy screen—which they are great for. If you were to purchase in multiples at a garden center, your bill would be very hefty. We created these starter packs with smaller, younger trees so you can get multiples at a much more affordable price. The other benefit is that they actually have an easier time establishing a strong root system in your garden!

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