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Mountain Mint

Unparalleled Pollinator Attractor
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Mountain Mint Mountain Mint Mountain Mint Mountain Mint

Mountain Mint

Unparalleled Pollinator Attractor
This is a native plant, and it's such an easy, fun growing experience. It's a fantastic naturalizer, so you can easily grow it along a woodland garden. No need for weeding with this perennial!! If you'd like it not to spread, you can simply break spreading roots where you don't want them to go in spring. The most exciting thing about growing Mountain Mint, however, is the pollinators. We've seen pollinators on it that we've never seen as gardeners! At times, it almost looks alive because it's covered in so many pollinators, and they're so intent on feeding, they've never been aggressive with us. If you're looking to increase pollination in your garden or sustain our important neighborhood pollinators, this is a sure bet. The foliage is strongly scented, if you agitate it or crush the leaves, you'll get a strong camphor-like fragrance. Plant Mountain Mint in a mixed foliage border among the dark greens, and this silvery color will pop! Fun fact: Mountain Mint isn't native to the mountains, so it's name is kind of a mystery.
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