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Houseplants Alive!®

For Easier Flowering and Foliage Houseplants
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Houseplants Alive!® Houseplants Alive!® Houseplants Alive!® Houseplants Alive!®

Houseplants Alive!®

For Easier Flowering and Foliage Houseplants
For houseplants that seem to be losing their vigor, the soil may be the problem. Take a look at the soil, if its compacted and crusty, it may be binding the roots. Our Houseplants Alive! fertilizers dissolve harmful salts, restore the proper pH balance and helps soil to become more moisture-retentive. With this, your houseplants will need less fuss and watering, and grow a lot healthier. If you're a lover of leaves, choose the 4-4-2 foliage fertilizer, which revitalizes foliage houseplants so they'll give your home that pop of healthy green. If you're more of a flower fan, choose the 3-4-1 flowering houseplant fertilizer to provide the right nutrients for the biggest, brightest floral show. How to use: You'll want to fertilize every 2-3 months. For small pots (around 6" or less) you'll need just one teaspoon every 2-3 months. For 6-12" pots, use 1 tablespoon per month. Houseplants Alive! makes the soil more water-retentive, so you won't want to water as frequently. Only water when a houseplant is dry ½" below the soil's surface.
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