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Empress of China™ Dogwood Empress of China™ Dogwood Empress of China™ Dogwood Empress of China™ Dogwood Empress of China™ Dogwood Empress of China™ Dogwood

Empress of China™ Dogwood

Profusion of white blooms in spring
Empress of China™ helps create an environment that delights the senses. Each spring, you'll marvel at the dense cascades of flowers that cover its branches. The 1 1/2" blooms open a lime-green color and mature to creamy white. The blossoms are followed by charming, strawberry-like berries that provide a late-summer or fall banquet for songbirds as they visit your yard. The tree's glossy, green leaves hang on through the winter, shedding as new growth appears in the spring. Empress of China is evergreen in the South. In cooler climates, we consider it a semi-evergreen. Regardless of where you live, you'll want to plant this beauty in partial shade, avoiding hot afternoon sun. Keep away from full shade, too, as it may limit spring flowering. Ships now as an established plant, ready to give your landscape an instant boost.
  • Zone 6-9
  • Height 15 - 18 feet
  • Bloom Time Late spring
  • Light Requirements Partial Shade
  • Ship As 1 GALLON
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Product Details

  • Botanical Name:

    Cornus angustata 'Elsbry' PP#14537

  • Height: 15 - 18 feet
  • Ship As: 1 GALLON
  • Spacing: 13 - 15 feet
  • Spread: 13 - 15 feet
  • Light Requirements: Partial Shade
  • Color: white
  • Foliage Type: Evergreen in south, to semi-evergreen in cooler climates. Lustrous, narrow, dark green leaves have a purplish tinge in the coldest winters.
  • Bloom Time: Late spring
  • Flower Form: Composed of four prominent "star-shaped" bracts that surround a small central cluster of tiny flowers.
  • Planting Instructions: Prefers an area that receives morning sun and afternoon shade. Does best in a spot sheltered from wind. Is best to stake young plants. Set plant at the same level it is growing at in the container, firm soil and water thoroughly.
  • Soil Requirements: Acidic, organically-rich, moisture retentive soil. Use mulch to maintain soil moisture - never allow to dry out. Becomes more drought tolerant with age.
  • Growth Rate: Moderate to fast.
  • Pruning: Prune to maintain a desired shape and to remove dead and broken limbs. Late winter.
  • Winter Care: An organic mulch is helpful to conserve soil moisture, when plant is young.
  • Additional Information: A seedling selection made in the South Carolina garden of John Elsley, 1993. Botanically close to Cornus kousa.
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