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Dutch Red Anthurium Dutch Red Anthurium Dutch Red Anthurium

Dutch Red Anthurium

Bright Indirect Light & Weekly Watering
Bring a brilliant pop of color to any room in your home with the Dutch Red Anthurium. Its bright green leaves contrast with its deep red, single-petaled flowers that wrap around one long yellow-green spike. Those beautiful blooms will last almost year-round even in extremely low-light environments. To know when to water, just keep an eye on the soil. If the soil's dry to the touch, add water, but be careful not to oversaturate. In the winter, the Dutch Red Anthurium goes dormant, so it won't need watering as often. Dutch Red Anthurium has another trick up its sleeve—it makes incredibly long-lasting cut flowers. Keep them in a vase, and they'll stay fresh almost an entire month long! It'll be productive multiple times throughout the year, and cutting promotes new growth, so just snip the stem on a bloom you love, put it in a vase and you've got the perfect lasting feature for a sidetable or a desk.

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