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Blatant KickStart™ Reblooming Iris

Blooms Keep Coming
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Blatant KickStart™ Reblooming Iris
Blatant KickStart™ Reblooming Iris

Blatant KickStart™ Reblooming Iris

Blooms Keep Coming
  • New KickStart™ Iris size guarantees first year flowers
Through the season, you'll have a beautiful display of upright, sword-like green foliage, punctuated by shows of blooms in early, midseason and late season. The blooms are fragrant and bright, with golden edges around their rich yellow petals. This iris is easy to grow in borders, and you won't have to worry about deer protection, they tend not to like irises. It makes a beautiful perfumed bouquet, and comes back year after year. Blatant has been prized ever since it was introduced by Monty Byers in 1990. So long as the soil is well-drained, it'll thrive in acidic, clay, loamy and sandy soil. Iris germanica 'Blatant'
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