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Apricot Fruit Tree Assortments

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Apricot Fruit Tree Assortments Apricot Fruit Tree Assortments

Apricot Fruit Tree Assortments

Fresh apricots taste like a completely different fruit from store-bought apricots. They are sweeter and lighter in taste than most commercially available varieties, especially when allowed to ripen on the tree. If you've never grown apricots, try it, you won't be disappointed. You'll want to know why no one ever suggested that you try them before. While most apricots are reported to be self-pollinating, we find that you will get more consistent results by planting another variety nearby. Golden Amber is a good choice as a pollinator since it has a prolonged, progressive bloom period. Winter chill requirements are listed for each variety. The easiest way to find out what the average hours of winter chill you receive where you live is to check with your County Extension Service. You can also find your chill hours with a Google search. Search for "USDA chill hours". If you don't get enough chill hours in your area, you may get inconsistent fruit set, some years you may not have any fruit set. Apricots shipped as dormant, bareroot trees,up to 1/4" in caliper, and the varieties in this assortment are hardy in USDA zone 5 and up. Why Apricots should be included in a healthy diet: Apricots are rich source of phytonutrients which allow us to utilize vitamin A. They are also one of the few foods that is rich in carotenoid lycopene, which improves our body's ability to defend cells from damage caused by free radicals. Apricots are also low in calories! The average Apricot contains only 17 calories.

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