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3-In-1 Miniature Rose 3-In-1 Miniature Rose 3-In-1 Miniature Rose 3-In-1 Miniature Rose

3-In-1 Miniature Rose

Blooms with Three Distinct Flower Colors!
One plant bears sweet, petite roses in not one, not two, but three distinct flower colors—yellow, pink and a combination of yellow and pink. This miniature beauty will delight garden visitors all summer long. It was carefully bred so that it stays small yet is hardy and reblooms. The diminutive size and distinctive look makes this variety the perfect rose for container gardening, and especially useful in decorating patios and small landscapes. It's also nice across the front of a sunlit border. Beneficial pollinators will love the rich floral fragrance, and you'll love the attention your miniature rose receives. A real conversation starter!

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