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Lavender Lavender plants are not only fragrant, they're adaptable to various gardening scenarios: they work well as low hedges, edge plants, and more! Their flowers can be cut and dried to bring the fragrance of lavender indoors.

Botanical Name:


Most Popular Colors: Pink, purple.

Blooming Season: Summer.

Soil Preferences: Warm, well-drained soil is ideal, and alkaline soil will enhance the fragrance of the blooms.

Climate Preferences: Lavender prefers drier weather to humid climates.

Sun Exposure: Partial shade to full sun.

Landscaping Tips: Lavender makes a great low hedge or border plant. Lavender plants work as fillers in dry areas where other plants do not grow. Consider planting lavender near the home to enjoy the fragrance of the plants - just make sure that they receive adequate sunlight

Planting: Space lavender plants at least two feet apart. Water in well. Do not mulch around the plants - mulch retains too much moisture for these plants to tolerate.


  • Water well while plants become established, after the first season or two, lavender is fairly resistant to drought.
  • Cut back flower stems after the first bloom of the year to encourage later blooming.
  • After the first few seasons, lavender will need to be pruned at the end of each season to retain its shape. Cut the plants back to 12" after blooming.

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