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Pink Hibiscus
Hibiscus are well-known for their big, showy flowers reminiscent of the tropics - and they're surprisingly easy to grow. The hardy varieties can withstand cold winters to rebloom each summer.

Botanical Name:


Most Popular Colors: Red, pink, white.

Blooming Season: Midsummer through frost.

Soil Preferences: Hardy hibiscus prefers well-drained but moist soil, best enriched with humus.

Climate Preferences: Hardy hibiscus can survive cold winters, and will thrive in any climate with warm summers.

Sun Exposure: Partial shade to full sun - full sun will encourage better blooming.

Landscaping Tips: Hibiscus flowers are sure to steal the show in any sunny spot in your garden . Because these plants tend to spread out, give them plenty of space apart from one another. You may wish to plant these near early-blooming bulb, as the bulbs will have died back by the time these plants bloom.

Planting: Plant your hibiscus 3 to 6 feet apart and water in well.


  • The plants may not grow until later than expected, but will rapidly sprout once the ground warms. Don't declare your shrubs dead if they haven't sprouted early in the spring - they'll be ready to grow soon!
  • Water hibiscus often during the growing season, and don't allow the ground to dry out between waterings.
  • Prune the hibiscus plants regularly to keep up their shape.

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