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Banana Cream Daisy

Daisies come in an endless variety of colors and shapes, and can add whimsy and fun to any part of your sun perennial garden.

Botanical Name:

Leucanthemum, Argyranthemum, or Gaillardia

Most Popular Colors: Plenty of variety exists across the daisy family! Aside from the classic white daisy, these flowers bloom in all colors.

Blooming Season: Early summer, summer, early fall.

Soil Preferences: Fertilized, well-draining soil.

Climate Preferences: Varies by variety.

Sun Exposure: Partial shade to full sun.

Landscaping Tips: Plant daisies in beds that receive full sunlight. Consider planting these perennials in spots where your spring flowers fade, as these will grow up to take their place.

Planting: Prepare the soil by adding a small amount of organic compost, and mulch after planting. Spacing will depend on variety.


  • Deadhead the flowers after blooming to encourage reblooming.
  • Fertilize once per year with phosphorus fertilizer.
  • Plants may be dug up and separated once every two-three years.

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