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Mixed ColumbineColumbine plants are extremely hardy and provide gorgeous, star-shaped blooms. The state flower of Colorado, columbine flowers occur naturally in woodlands and meadows throughout North America.

Botanical Name:


Most Popular Colors: Blue, red, yellow, white, purple - Columbines are grown in a rainbow of colors!

Blooming Season: Spring, summer.

Soil Preferences: Excellent drainage. Many varieties prefer soil amended with sand or hummus for drainage.

Climate Preferences: Columbine plants are hardy, but they may not survive extremely hot summers or winters below -20 degrees F.

Sun Exposure: Partial shade to partial sun. Shade prolongs the blooming period.

Landscaping Tips: These plants enjoy a mix of sun and shade; consider planting them near trees. They also make gorgeous container plants.

Planting: Plant columbine bareroots in spring or early summer, and don't bury the seeds more than an inch. Select an area with excellent drainage, but be sure to keep plants hydrated until well-established.


  • After blooming, deadheading can encourage more blooms and keep plants looking neater. These plants reseed if seedpods are allowed to fall.
  • Columbines are a fairly short-lived perennial: They'll likely rebloom three to four seasons. However, they do reseed if allowed.

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