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Tree Starter Packs

The Economical Way to Plant More Trees

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  • Redbud Flowering Tree...

    For an Enchanting Landscape

    Quick ViewOpens a dialog Redbud Flowering Tree Starter Pack
    3 for $19.99

    Great Value! Hundreds of brilliant blooms, high above a landscape—this is the sort of beauty that transforms a place. This pack grows fast and starts...

    Ships In Spring
  • Quick ViewOpens a dialog Red Maple Fall Color Starter Pack
    Ships In Spring
  • Quick ViewOpens a dialog Nuttall Oak Shade Tree
  • Quick ViewOpens a dialog Silver Maple Shade Tree Starter Pack

    Silver Maple Shade Tree Starter Pack

    3 for $19.99
    Notify when Available
For aesthetics, for wildlife, for your future generations—trees are important. But in true Michigan Bulb style, we wanted to provide all that quality along with affordable pricing. If you buy multiples for landscaping at a garden center, you'll have a pretty hefty bill. Our starter packs give you younger, smaller trees. They establish roots faster than bigger ones and you'll get them at exceptional bundle prices. We used faster growing cultivars and only easy-to-grow native varieties.
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