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Ornamental Trees

Add dynamic design and bold color to the landscape.

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  • White Fringe Tree

    Soft Clusters of Blooms

    White Fringe Tree
    1 for $19.99

    Great Value! White Fringe Tree is a small native tree that is positively breathtaking in late spring when its large airy, lightly fra... 

  • Cold Hardy Mimosa

    Cold Hardy Mimosa

    1 for $14.99
  • Sweet Bay Laurel Tree
Trees are considered the "bones" or structure of garden and landscape design. Ornamental trees can do so much for the garden and landcape, including adding color through their flowers and foliage, providing shade, and creating a privacy screen. They can also provide shelter, and sometimes even food, for songbirds. When selecting ornamental trees for your garden or landscape, consider their shape and size as well as if they grow best in full sun, partial shade or shade. Also note their flowering time and grow zones. Trees can be planted in the spring or fall.
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