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Butterfly Bushes

Lure beneficial pollinators to your garden!

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  • Black Knight Butterfly Bush

    Attracts Hundreds of Butterflies!

    Black Knight Butterfly Bush
    1 for $7.99

    Great Value! An easy-to-grow shrub that should be an essential feature in all yards. Butterflies and hummingbirds can't resist the ... 

  • Kaleidoscope Butterfly Bush
  • 3-in-1 Butterfly Bush
A sure sign of a healthy garden is when gaggles of flittering butterflies can be seen among the flowers, shrubs and plants. Keep pollinators interested in your landscape by growing plants just for them, like our sensational butterfly bushes! Covered in bright, bold panicles made up of dainty florets, each bush bears a different coloration or blend. But all varieties are beautifully scented with a delicate perfume, perfect for luring butterflies (and bees and hummingbirds) to your property. Easy to grow and maintain, butterfly bushes are more than just a pretty plant—they're pollinator powerhouses that help create a healthy garden!
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