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  • Red Demon Hardy Azalea

    Long Blooming

    Quick ViewOpens a dialog Red Demon Hardy Azalea
    1 for $19.99

    Great Value! With a longer bloom time than other azaleas, this striking red beauty delivers quite a colorful punch in the garden! Red Demon is a hardy type that...

  • Quick ViewOpens a dialog Ramapo Hardy Azalea

    Ramapo Hardy Azalea

    1 for $11.99
  • Quick ViewOpens a dialog Mandarin Lights Hardy Azalea
  • Quick ViewOpens a dialog Arneson Gem Azalea
    Ships In Spring
  • Quick ViewOpens a dialog Pink-a-Boo Azalea
    Ships In Spring
  • Quick ViewOpens a dialog Klondyke Azalea
If you're looking for a flowering shrub to round out your spring to summer landscape, look no further than bright, beautiful Azaleas. These gorgeous plants have an intriguing tropical look, but with an easy growth habit and carefree nature. Plus, some azaleas grow all the way up to Zone 3! Heavy bloomers, these striking shrubs boast long bloom times and a range of color palettes sure to please every gardener. For best results, plant your azalea in a sunny to partly shady spot with well-drained soil. Though most azaleas are deciduous, meaning they lose their leaves in winter, some varieties are evergreen, adding lush, year-round color to the landscape.
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