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Tulip Bulbs

Try early-, mid- and late-spring blooming tulips to enjoy a full season of flowers!

Michigan Bulb Guarantee
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  • Ice Cream Tulip

    A Delicious Addition to Any Garden

    Ice Cream Tulip
    3 for $9.99

    Great Value! Tulips are legendary for their variety, so we're pleased to add this irresistible flavor. This late-flowering double tu... 

  • All Spring Tulip Mix

    All Spring Tulip Mix

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    25 for $14.99
  • Montevideo Triumph Tulip
  • Red And Gold Tulip Duo
  • Blumex Parrot Tulip
  • Blue Heaven Tulip Medley
  • Rembrandt Mixed Tulips
  • Queen Of Night Tulip
  • Mixed Tulips Super Bag
  • Blueberry Chocolate Tulip Blend
  • Princess Tulip Mix

    Princess Tulip Mix

    20 for $14.99
  • Mixed Long-Stemmed Perennial Tulip Super Bag
  • Esperanto Tulip

    Esperanto Tulip

    5 for $4.99
  • Ice Crystal Tulip Trio
  • Parade Tulip

    Parade Tulip

    8 for $9.99
  • Parrot Tulip Mix

    Parrot Tulip Mix

    10 for $12.99
  • Purple Bulb Collection
  • Royal Tulip Blend

    Royal Tulip Blend

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    15 for $9.99
  • Fragrant Sunrise Duo

    Fragrant Sunrise Duo

    20 for $14.99
  • Rise And Shine Mix

    Rise And Shine Mix

    40 for $9.99
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View All  (29 items)
If you're looking for a beautiful flower with perennial qualities, look no further than this springtime classic: the tulip! Easily recognized by their iconic bell-shaped flower, tulips come in a wide variety of colors and shapes and make an excellent addition to your stone gardens, borders, nature-scapes. They're also a supreme choice for cut-flower arrangements and wedding bouquets. You'll find everything you need for a unique and colorful tulip garden, from classic red Dutch tulips to bicolored pink and purple Rembrandt tulips to elegant white tulips. You'll also find ruffled parrot tulips, double-blooming tulips, and Monsella tulips here! sight and their lush colors will ensure your flower beds or cut-flower displays will be an eye-pleasing sight for everyone.
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