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Perennials for color in shady spots.

Michigan Bulb Guarantee
  • Bumble Bee Primrose

    The Perfect Garden "Bumble Bee!"

    Bumble Bee Primrose
    1 for $6.99

    Great Value! The beautiful and charming blooms of deep black-brown with scalloped silver edges and golden eyes are nestled within lus... 

  • Blue Zebra® Primrose
  • Mixed Hardy English Primrose
  • Missouri Evening Primrose
Colorful and bright, primroses are a delightful addition to shady spots in the garden. These low-growing, low-maintenance perennials are early bloomers, usually blooming from very late winter to early summer. Their delicate-looking, rosette-shaped flowers come in an array of colors. But don't let their dainty flowers fool you. Most primroses adapt to a range of climates and soil types, and some are drought tolerant, once established. Most primrose varieties grow best in places that are shaded or partially shaded, receiving a few hours of direct sunlight every day. These hardy perennials are a perfect choice for planting in woodland gardens or lining a shaded path.
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