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Carpet phlox provides low-to-the ground cover and lovely foliage.

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Phlox plants feature wide bunches of flowers that release a beautiful fragrance, sure to beckon birds and bees from all over. The flowers themselves are star-shaped and grow in vibrant clumps. Depending on the variety of phlox that you choose, you will find red, pink, blue or white flowers that bloom in the spring and summer.

Phlox plants are perennials that bloom best in full sun or part sun. You should not plant phlox in full shade as they do need plenty of sunlight to thrive. Apart from sun requirements, phlox plants are extremely low maintenance flowers. There are three main types of phlox to choose from: woodland varieties, low phlox, and border phlox. No matter which variety you choose, you will need moist, rich soil that is well-drained.

Phlox is one of the most versatile plants and is a must for any backyard garden. You can plant phlox as the main attraction in a bed, use it as a border, or as ground cover. With so many varieties of phlox plants, you are sure to find a variety that will add that special touch to any flowerbed. Phlox plants are also known to attract butterflies and release a sweet fragrance. Be sure to cut any dead blooms so that phlox can easily re-bloom all season long.
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