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Enjoy big, beautiful blooms year after year.

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Bursting forth with color at the same time every year, perennial plants are perhaps best known for their vibrant blossoms, which are sure to liven up your garden year after year. While the lifespans of perennials plants differ in length depending on the particular variety in question, their wonderful flowers promise to make a permanent impression on anyone who views them in your lawn or garden. Most flowering perennial plants are either sun or shade-specific, and, after planting them in moist soil, don't require maintenance outside of applying fertilizer annually.

Sizes of perennial plants range from ground cover to striking floral statements that can reach several feet high. A favorite of experienced gardeners, as well as a staple ingredient of for impressive-looking flower beds, perennials plants add flourishes of color with their wide range of personalities and individually unique accents. Whether familiar and exquisite or rare and exotic, a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes of perennials plants exist to appeal to even the most discerning gardeners. With only one planting needed, these flowers come highly recommended for their easy and dependable nature. Plant some for yourself and reap the rewards of showy displays of vibrant, eye-catching colors for years to come.
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