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Other Shade Plants

Add color and texture with shade perennials.

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  • Lily Of The Valley

    Spreads Quickly

    Opens a dialog Lily Of The Valley
    10 for $9.99

    Great Value! Tiny, sweet-smelling, bell-shaped flowers cover this old-fashioned favorite every spring. Space 6-12" apart. 

  • Opens a dialog Virginia Bluebells

    Virginia Bluebells

    2 for $12.99
  • Opens a dialog Widow's Tears

    Widow's Tears

    3 for $9.99
  • Opens a dialog Toad Lily Mix

    Toad Lily Mix

    3 for $9.99
  • Opens a dialog Mixed Coral Bells

    Mixed Coral Bells

    3 for $9.99
  • Opens a dialog Mixed Caladiums

    Mixed Caladiums

    3 for $9.99
  • Opens a dialog Alexander's Great Brunnera
  • Opens a dialog Tongariro Hardy Orchid
  • Opens a dialog Shade Garden Kit

    Shade Garden Kit

    30 for $49.99
  • Opens a dialog Orange Queen Epimedium
  • Opens a dialog Wintergreen


    1 for $14.99
  • Opens a dialog Rosy Leaf Caladium

    Rosy Leaf Caladium

    3 for $9.99
  • Opens a dialog Mukdenia


    1 for $9.99
  • Opens a dialog Double-Flowered Hellebores
  • Opens a dialog Midnight Rose Coral Bells
  • Opens a dialog Twinkle Toes Pulmonaria
  • Opens a dialog Deluxe Single Helleborus Mix
  • Opens a dialog Black Pearl Heuchera

    Black Pearl Heuchera

    1 for $14.99
  • Opens a dialog Mighty Chocolate Cherry Astilbe

    Mighty Chocolate Cherry Astilbe

    1 for $5.99
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  • Opens a dialog Iron Cross Good Luck Plant

    Iron Cross Good Luck Plant

    15 for $6.99
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Create a peaceful, serene feeling in your shaded garden with shade-loving plants. These perennials perform best in areas that receive full shade or partial shade. When choosing perennials for your woodland or shaded garden, consider how tall they grow, their foliage and flower colors, and bloom times. Also take into account their other attributes, such as if they make good ground cover or if deer tend to avoid them. To create interesting areas in your shaded gardens and flower beds, plant easy-care, low-maintenance perennials with various textures, foliage shapes and colors, and bloom types.
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