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Michigan Bulb Guarantee
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  • Raspberry Mousse Toadlily

    Unique Pattern

    Raspberry Mousse Toadlily
    1 for $9.99

    Great Value! Exotic-looking blooms to bring your shade garden to the next level. Interesting color pattern, even for toad lilies. The... 

  • Broadway Lights Shasta Daisy
  • Get Jiggy Daylily

    Get Jiggy Daylily

    1 for $9.99
  • Purple Rain Salvia

    Purple Rain Salvia

    2 for $9.99
  • Miss Apple Siberian Iris
  • Blue Agapanthus

    Blue Agapanthus

    2 for $12.99
  • Pink Octopus Campanula
  • Rostov Gladiolus

    Rostov Gladiolus

    10 for $7.99
  • Mixed Fragrant Tuberoses
  • Variegated Canna Phasion
  • Starfish Iris

    Starfish Iris

    1 for $9.99
  • Charming Billy Siberian Iris
  • Memories Calla Lily
  • Red Drift Groundcover Rose
  • Praying Hands Hosta
  • Rose Clair Geranium
  • Wiggles And Squiggles Hosta
  • Gold Dubloon Gardenia
  • Unbuttoned Zippers Siberian Iris
  • Pink Siam Tulip

    Pink Siam Tulip

    3 for $19.99
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View All  (47 items)
Each year, our plant experts scour the market for the most exciting, reliable new plants to offer smart gardening customers like you. This season's selections are no exception! After vigorous trialing in our own state-of-the-art greenhouses to ensure quality and consistency, the dozens of varieties below were chosen for their uniqueness, reliability and outstanding garden performance. You're sure to find the perfect new varieties to add to any garden, no matter where you're looking to plant—we have something new for everyone. Be among the first to grow these hot new varieties and relish in the compliments you are bound to receive from friends, neighbors and passers-by.
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