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Lily Bulbs

Bell-shaped flowers add beauty and cheer.

Michigan Bulb Guarantee
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  • O.T. Lily Scheherazade

    Up to 40 Blooms per Stem

    O.T. Lily Scheherazade
    3 for $9.99

    Great Value! This orienpet hybrid lily reaches up to 7' once it's established. The silky, red-and-gold blooms open with a strong, int... 

  • Red Storm Border Lily
  • All Summer Lily Garden
  • Hardy Perennial Lilies
  • Big Brother Giant Lily
  • Apricot Fudge Lily

    Apricot Fudge Lily

    3 for $12.99
  • Black Gold Lily

    Black Gold Lily

    3 for $9.99
  • Pineapple Lily Blend
  • Lily Tree® Mix

    Lily Tree® Mix

    6 for $9.99
  • Pink Fairy Lily

    Pink Fairy Lily

    15 for $7.99
  • Golden Lycoris

    Golden Lycoris

    1 for $7.99
  • Oriental Border Lilies Mix
  • Casa Blanca Oriental Lily
  • Orange Tiger Lily

    Orange Tiger Lily

    3 for $9.99
  • Double Oriental Lily Mix
  • Double Tiger Lily

    Double Tiger Lily

    3 for $9.99
  • Parrot Pink Cariba Lily
  • Red Spider Lily

    Red Spider Lily

    3 for $12.99
  • Double Sensation Lily
  • Stargazer Oriental Lily

    Stargazer Oriental Lily

    4 for $6.99
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Lilies are an easy-to-grow, versatile choice for mixed perennial flowerbeds or mass plantings. Their colorful, bell-shaped, often fragrant flowers open during the summer months. Not only do lilies add pops of color and cheer to the summer garden, they look outstanding in fresh floral arrangements and bouquets. For a spectacular display, choose a variety of lilies, including ones with single and double blooms, as well as lily trees and shorter border lilies. While lilies aren't super fussy about soil, they prefer sunny locations and will grow in full sun or partially shaded areas that receive several hours of direct sunlight.
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