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Elegant blooms on easy-to-grow plants.

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  • October Sky Reblooming Iris

    Blooms & Reblooms with a Spicy Scent

    October Sky Reblooming Iris
    1 for $9.99

    Great Value! Classic blue blooms appear again and again, twice each year, to give sunlit gardens a lovely look. In springtime and aga... 

  • Immortality Reblooming Iris
  • Peggy Sue Reblooming Iris
  • Violet Turner Reblooming Iris
  • Speed Limit Reblooming Iris
  • Shogun Japanese Iris
  • Riveting Miniature German Iris
  • Bumblebee Deelite Miniature German Iris
  • Breeder's Choice German Iris Mix
  • Cat's Eye Miniature German Iris
  • Harvest Of Memories Reblooming Iris
  • Final Episode Reblooming Iris
  • Spice Sister Miniature German Iris
  • Las Vegas Reblooming Iris
  • Japanese Iris Mix

    Japanese Iris Mix

    3 for $14.99
  • Autumn Circus Reblooming Iris
  • Mother Earth Reblooming Iris
  • Siberian Iris Mix

    Siberian Iris Mix

    3 for $14.99
  • Gerald Darby Versicolor Iris
Iris add elegance to the late spring and early summer garden. Choose from the large-flowered, fancy bearded German iris, the elegant Japanese iris, or the early-blooming Dutch iris. These showy additions to the garden make eye-catching displays, especially when planted in groups and large masses. Iris are also impressive as cut flowers. Iris grow best where they receive several hours of direct sunlight throughout the day. German Iris grow by rhizomes and can be divided and share, while Dutch Iris grow from bulbs. Iris plants are hardy and pest-resistant, giving a regal appearance with very little work.
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