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Deer Resistant Plants

Deer tend to avoid these garden plants.

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Rural and even suburban living can mean a lot of interaction with native wildlife! And while the majority of these interactions prove to be both exciting and memorable, one animal has made itself the nemesis of gardeners everywhere: the deer. You may see deer as stately creatures, road hazards, cute cartoon characters, or jerky ingredients. However, you'll probably agree that these animals make rude dinner guests. If deer cause problems in your garden, don't give up on your green thumb; shop our inventory of deer resistant plants and reach a happy medium with your four-legged neighbors.

What are Deer Resistant Plants

Deer resistant plants are specially designed flowers and bulbs made to discourage deer from devouring them. Though there is a wide array of these kinds of plants to choose from, you should keep in mind that no plant is completely safe from your four-legged friends. If a deer is hungry enough, they'll still indulge in a mouthful of thorny deer resistant flowers.

Choosing Deer Resistant Plants

Deer typically enjoy juicier plants with soft corms or roots and tender greens. This is why deer resistant plants often boast woodier stems and thicker skin. When finding the best plant for your situation, consider the following:

Succulents - Most succulents feature a hard exterior, allowing the plants to retain water. This exterior doubles as a protective cover, making these plants extremely deer resistant.

Grasses and Lilac - Both grass and lilacs are thin, making them the ideal deer resistant plants and flowers, as they just don't provide the tenderness that most animals want.

Coneflowers, Rudbeckia, and Asters - Woodier, less succulent stalks like coneflowers are a turnoff for deer perusing for greens.

Gladiolus - Gladiolus plants are some of the tougher deer resistant bulbs, and less likely to attract snackers.

Shade plants - Many shade plants prefer acidic soil and produce an acidic taste. Deer tend to reject these (although some are also poisonous to pets, so check your plants before allowing your pets to roam your shade garden).
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