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Often called the "Perfect Perennial".

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  • Dwarf Daylilies

    Spreads Quickly to Fill in Bare Spots!

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    3 for $9.99

    Great Value! We've chosen an appealing blend of colors— the perfect cover-up for problem areas! Three plants cover 6 sq. ft. ... 

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    Get Jiggy Daylily

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    Moussaka Daylily

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Daylilies, also known as hemerocallis, are easy to fit into so many types of gardens—from formal to informal to mass plantings on hillsides. Often called the "perfect perennial," these sun-loving perennials are easy to grow and, once established, drought tolerant. Daylilies grow best when planted in full sun or partially shaded areas that receive several hours of direct sunlight each day. Thanks to modern breeding efforts, today's gardener can choose from so many varieties of daylilies—including ones with multiple colors, ruffling and reblooming qualities. In the garden, daylilies have so many uses. Choose shorter daylilies for along the edge of a flowerbed. Select a few showy daylilies for your mixed perennial flowerbed. Or, plant them in large groups for a stunning display.
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