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Summer-blooming dahlias in a vast array of colors.

Choose from a wide variety of dahlia plants for sale at Michigan Bulb Company. More so than many of the common garden flowers, dahlias offer a beautiful array of colors and come in a variety of sizes.

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The American Dahlia Society lists nineteen different shaped varieties of dahlia plants, from full peony-shaped blooms and "dinner-plate" sized flowers to small pompom flowers and orchid-like varieties. We've got all the dahlia tubers you need to make your garden pop with color this summer!
Growing dahlias in your garden is easier than you think! For tips on how to care for these tender perennials, make sure to check out our dahlia tips and growing instructions. With their colorful varieties and beautiful blooms, dahlia flowers make the perfect addition to any garden. Explore dahlia flowers for sale from Michigan Bulb today!

When should you plant dahlias?
You should plant dahlias in late spring, after any danger of frost has passed. Be sure to check the final frost date for your zone, as many of us may enjoy a warm, short-lived spring while there are still frosty days ahead! Check your region's true frost dates, to ensure that your dahlias aren't frostbitten after a false springtime.

How much sun do dahlias need?
Dahlias need lots of sunlight, preferably six to eight hours per day. They can handle a bit of shade, but dahlias really prefer a sunny location. In most locations, the more sun your dahlias receive, the more they will bloom. However, in hot climates in the South, or very dry climates, dahlias can be beaten down by too much heat. If you live in Zone 8 or 9, place your dahlias in a location where they receive afternoon shade, to protect them from the hottest part of the day.

What type of soil is best for dahlias?
Dahlias are all about drainage. Dahlias don't like "wet feet," so you want a spot where water doesn't settle. However, dahlias prefer soil that is both well-draining and rich, which can be a little tough to obtain in gardens filled with clay or sandy soil. Not to worry, however! Adding compost and loam before planting enriches the soil and ensures good drainage. Aerate your soil well to at least 6 inches deep before planting your dahlia bulbs, and add plenty of compost and loam.

How often should you water dahlias?
Dahlias should be watered consistently after becoming established. Don't start watering until after they sprout, however. Water on unsprouted tubers can be detrimental, as it can lead to rot. After the growing season begins, make sure to water once or twice per week, to maintain consistent moisture-dahlias don't like going from dry to wet and back again. An even better solution? Use a drip irrigation system or soaker hose to apply even moisture to your dahlia bed.

What type of fertilizer do dahlias need?
Because dahlias need rich soil, fertilizer is a great way to keep them happy. Try a low-nitrogen fertilizer, such as a 5-10-10 or 10-20-20. Labeling for fertilizers shows three numbers, representing the three primary nutrients that your flowers need. Those nutrients are nitrogen(N), phosphorus(P), and potassium(K). So, choose a fertilizer where the first number is about half the second and third numbers. Or, consider a fertilizer marketed for flowers, or one specifically formulated for dahlias.
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