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Early bloomers in purple, white or yellow.

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  • Saffron Fall Crocus

    Grow Your Own Saffron Spice

    Saffron Fall Crocus
    10 for $4.99

    Great Value! This unique crocus blooms in fall, not spring! The beautiful lavender blooms add a wonderful accent to the fall landsca... 

  • Snow Crocus Super Bag Mix
  • Early Blooming Crocus
  • Rise And Shine Mix

    Rise And Shine Mix

    40 for $9.99
  • Giant Crocus for Naturalizing
With their colorful, bright flowers and easy-to-grow nature, crocus bulbs call attention to themselves by being the first plants to bloom in spring, often contrasting magnificently with the surrounding white snow. Crocuses do best when planted four to six inches deep during the fall, about six to eight weeks before the first frost -- when soil temperatures are below 60 degrees Fahrenheit -- so roots can establish themselves before the winter. Following this, it's recommended to cover them with compost and mulch to offer protection during the colder months.
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