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Easy-care perennials that attract pollinators.

Michigan Bulb Guarantee
  • Hybridizer's Mix Coneflower...

    A Guarantee for a Colorful Spring!

    Hybridizer's Mix Coneflower Super Bag
    5 for $19.99 $12.99

    Great Value! This mix comes from the Netherlands where third-generation plant grower and breeder Marco van Noort is developing conefl... 

  • Bravado Echinacea

    Bravado Echinacea

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  • Wildberry Coneflower

    Wildberry Coneflower

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  • Eccentric Summer Echinacea

    Eccentric Summer Echinacea

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  • Green Jewel Coneflower
  • Razzmatazz Echinacea

    Razzmatazz Echinacea

    1 for $14.99 $9.99
  • Mandarin Double Scoop™ Coneflower
  • Eccentric Coneflower

    Eccentric Coneflower

    1 for $14.99
Low maintenance, long lasting and cheerful, coneflowers are a favorite in the perennial garden. Coneflowers, also called echinacea, have bold, daisylike flowers on strong stems, making them a delight in the garden as well as cut flower arrangements. Pollinators love them too. These native perennials attract bees, butterflies and other beneficial pollinators. If left standing, their flower seed heads also provide food for songbirds. Coneflowers love the sun and do best in a sunny location or partially shaded areas that receive several hours of sunlight each day. They are easy to grow, and once established, are drought tolerant. Coneflowers can be planted in a variety of setting, included mixed perennial gardens, prairie gardens, naturalized settings and cutting gardens.
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