Top Searched HGTV Shows

The Top Searched HGTV Shows by State

At Michigan Bulb, we love helping our customers find the perfect plants for their space, whether it be matching a flowerbed to the siding of their house or proposing beautiful pollinators to help elevate their home garden. With all the care we give to finding the perfect products for different homes, it’s hard for us to resist tuning into the popular trends in top-selling homes and remodeling styles. Our favorite way to keep an eye on these home trends? HGTV, of course!

The folks at Michigan Bulb definitely have hopped on the HGTV bandwagon for the past years, spending hours binging our favorite shows to get ideas on how to remodel and imagine buying our own dream pieces of real estate. But just like everyone has their own favorite flowers, trees, and shrubs, we all definitely have our opinions on which HGTV show is the best.

To get a sense of where our opinions about the best and worst HGTV shows lie, we decided to conduct a study and find the most popular HGTV shows across the country. We wanted to see which shows our customers were most interested in and get a peek into how popularity varied in different places. So, we looked at the Google Trends search results for 50 different HGTV shows.

The data showed that while some shows were buzz-worthy nationwide, many HGTV shows are massively popular in single states alone, garnering some insights that may tell a lot about the residents, and HGTV-lovers, that live there.

Most popular HGTV shows by state graphic
Most popular HGTV shows by state graphic

By far, the most popular show nationwide was Fixer Upper. This should come as no surprise to the thousands of Americans who have ship-lapped their homes! According to the survey, Fixer Upper was the top-searched show in eight states including Arkansas, Delaware, and, unsurprisingly, Texas, where the show is filmed. The popularity of Fixer Upper isn’t limited to just the screen. The stars of the show, Chip and Joanna Gaines, have established a home and lifestyle empire with Magnolia Homes, resulting in a joint net worth of over $18 million, and inspiring people everywhere to take on rustic DIYs.

No other shows gained quite as much popularity across multiple states as Fixer Upper, but there were some standout shows whose popularity comes with some insights about the home styles of different viewers.

For instance, Christina On the Coast was the most popular show in two states, but they may not be what you expect. According to the Google Trends data, residents of Iowa and West Virginia, two land-locked states, searched Christina On the Coast more than other popular HGTV shows. Similarly, Beachfront Bargain Hunt was the most popular show in New Hampshire, a state full of ski lodges but scarce in coastal bungalows. Perhaps the popularity of these shows points to a longing for the ocean among viewers.

Of course, this disjunctive popularity of HGTV shows wasn’t the case everywhere. The most popular HGTV show in Hawaii was, fittingly, Hawaiian Life, and Flip or Flop Nashville was the most-searched HGTV show in Tennessee.  Who knows? Maybe the high search rates for these shows come from nosy locals looking for a drama about local real estate dealings or even residents looking to have HGTV show-makers come lend an expert hand in their own remodels.

Finally, there were some interesting trends around the types of content that were most popular in different states’ favorite HGTV shows, specifically content that was focused on home buying versus home renovation.

Most popular HGTV shows in the US graphic
Most popular HGTV shows in the US graphic

Home-buying shows, including House Hunters, House Hunters International, and Tiny House Hunters as well as Property Virgins, Bargain Mansions, and Selling New York, were most popular in many states across the country, everywhere from Washington, D.C. to Oregon. However, they didn’t quite garner the popularity of home-renovation shows like Fixer Upper, Flipping 101, Flip or Flop, and Design on a Dime which were popular in a greater number of states nationwide. It is worth noting that most HGTV shows that were top-searched in the U.S. offer some combination of home buying and home remodeling in every episode.

Overall, the data seems to show that there are no overwhelming trends of popularity for different HGTV shows across the country. Instead, just as Americans all differ in personal style in and around the home, Americans all have varied interests in the top HGTV shows to binge. For Michigan Bulb, this is great news, as unique style is what makes our job of finding and providing personalized gardening products a lot more fun. Just check out our Expert Collections – curating these style-based garden collections is what our experts love to do most! Plus, we get to keep watching all sorts of different shows for green inspiration, giving us a break on the couch and some rest from gardening. So, if you need us, you know where we’ll be.