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Wild Tiger Pansy

Wild Tiger Pansy

The Purrrr-fect Pansy!
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Fragrant, golden-yellow blooms inlaid with intricate black veins resemble their majestic animal namesakes as they stealthily trace your garden borders like a big cat stalking its prey.

Product Information:

Light: Full sun to partial shade
Height: 6-8"
Bloom Time: Early spring to fall
Size: Potted
Zones: 4 to 9

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Wild Tiger Pansy Product Details

Botanical Name: Viola x wittrockiana 'Tiger Eyes'
Form: Herbaceous perennial
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun
Height/Habit: 6 - 8"
Spread: 6 - 10"
Spacing: 6 - 10"
Hardiness Zone: Zone 4 - 9 (-30 degrees F)
Foliage Type: Dark green, ovate with distinct scalloped edges
Flower Form: Pansy shaped, 1"
Flower Color: Golden yellow flowers that are inlaid with intricate black veins
Flowering Date: Early spring to fall
Planting Requirements: Set at the same level they are growing at in the container, firm well and water in thoroughly
Soil Requirements: Well drained, humus enriched
Growth Rate: Moderate
Unique Characteristics: This fragrant golden yellow pansy is marked by black cheetah strips and will create an eye catching effect in your garden. The fresh dark green, ovate foliage is making this plant to a must have in your garden.
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The Wild Tiger Pansy stays true to its namesake, with its jet-black stripes that claw across golden petals. But that's as close to a tiger as this easy-going flower gets. From early spring to fall, the wild pansy blooms especially well in gardens exposed to partial or full sun. The Wild Tiger Pansy's fragrant flowers burst forth with sunny yellow petals which stand out atop the plant's dark-green leafy base. The one-inch blooms boast intricate scalloped petals, and, of course, eye-catching black veins.

A full-grown pansy flower typically measures in at six to eight inches and can spread from six to 10 inches wide. Because of their width, it's important to space wild pansies between 6 and 10 inches apart. They grow best in soil that's humus-enriched and well-drained. Like any flower, they thrive when watered thoroughly and regularly.

With mindful planting and upkeep, the perennial pansy flower will re-grow every year for two years or more. Because of its easy upkeep, love for sunlight, and interesting design, many choose to border their gardens with the Wild Tiger Pansy. The eye-popping colors and fragrance will draw bees and hummingbirds from all over, making your garden a true backyard jungle.

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