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Tongariro Hardy Orchid

Tongariro Hardy Orchid

One of the Easiest Orchids to Grow
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Known as the 'Windowsill Orchid,' this variety may be difficult to find, but it sure is easy to grow! Gorgeous pink flowers born atop short and strong stems bloom for weeks. Can be grown indoors as well. One of the most beautiful hardy orchids on the market, it looks best planted in containers, rock gardens or peat walls.

Product Information:

Light: Partial Shade
Height: 4"
Bloom Time: Spring
Spread: 6 - 10"
Zones: 3-10

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Tongariro Hardy Orchid Product Details

Botanical Name: Pleione 'Tongariro'
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade
Height/Habit: 4"
Spread: 6 - 10"
Spacing: 6 - 10"
Hardiness Zone: 3-10
Foliage Type: Deciduous, Smooth-Textured
Flower Form: Solitary flowers born on short stems.
Flower Color: Pink
Flowering Date: Spring
Planting Requirements: Greenhouse - filtered sunlight, moderate humidity, regular feedings. Outdoors - sheltered site in partial shade, protect from severe weather and excessive moisture.
Soil Requirements: Needs a well-drained soil. Good drainage is essential
Growth Rate: Moderate
Unique Characteristics: One of the easiest and most beautiful hardy orchids! Diffucult to find (new on market), but not hard to grow. Gorgeous pink flowers are borne on short stems and last a long time. Usually 2 flowers/stem. Can be grown inside and outside. Also known as 'Wind
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Tongariro Hardy Orchid Customer Reviews     Write a Review

WOW! Review by Cassandra Ramos - San Pablo, CA
Posted on 2015-05-12 12:49:16

Bloomed within the first several weeks! Its great! Can't wait for it to multiply! Its So beautiful!

Extremely Beautiful Review by Louise Santoro - Julian, CA
Posted on 2015-05-05 00:22:54

I planted these in a wide shallow container alongside Lewisia. The orchids are absolutely stunning! If they weren't so expensive I would buy them by the dozen. They are truly exceptional.

Beautiful orchid Review by Jan - Barnesville, MN
Posted on 2013-05-17 12:24:13

I planted this orchid upon arrival and the first thing out of the soil was an absolutely gorgeous orchid-it is stunning.

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The Tongariro hardy orchid (Pleione tongariro) is a terrestrial orchid, meaning that it grows with its roots in the ground, as opposed to epiphytes orchids, which grow on trees. Because it is a terrestrial orchid, the Tongariro hardy orchid doesn't require as much sunlight as epiphytes and grows well in partial shade. It is also known as a windowsill orchid for its ability to thrive indoors as well as outside. A relative newcomer to the orchid market, it is still somewhat rare, making it a real find. The Tongariro blooms from mid-April to mid-May, generating spectacular, vividly pink orchid flowers with hot pink to red freckles inside the delicately frilled lips.

You might call the Tongariro a beginner's orchid, as it is remarkably easy to grow. Plant your pink orchid bulbs in an orchid compost or very well-drained soil in a shady spot. Orchids require less water than you might think. Avoid excess moisture and only irrigate the soil around the plant with room temperature water. Make sure to avoid watering the plant itself to reduce the possibility of fungal disease. Fertilization should be performed in the early spring. Hardy in zones 8 -10, the minimum recommended temperature for the plant is 55 degrees, making it a good fit for indoor planting in cooler climates. Outdoors, give your Tongariro hardy orchid winter protection. A stunning showpiece for shaded borders, rock gardens, peat walls or as part of a windowsill orchid garden, this vibrant flower is an orchid lover's dream

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