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Toad Lily Mix

Toad Lily Mix

Orchid-Like Flowers for Late Summer
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Add bright, orchid-like flowers to your late summer garden. We've assembled a delightful mix ranging from white to light purple flowers densely speckled with magenta and deep purple.

Product Information:

Light: Full to partial shade
Height: 18-24"
Bloom Time: Late summer to early fall
Size: Potted
Zones: 5-9

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Toad Lily Mix Product Details

Botanical Name: Tricyrtis
Form: Upright rhizomatous perennial
Sun Exposure: Shade/Partial Shade
Height/Habit: 18 - 24"
Spread: 18 - 24"
Spacing: 18 - 24"
Hardiness Zone: 5 - 9
Foliage Type: Densely hairy stems with lance-shaped leaves, dark to pale green in color.
Flower Form: Funnel-shaped, tips open out. Produced singly or in clusters from the leaf axils.
Flower Color: Purple to red-purple spots on white to light purple backgrounds. Various.
Flowering Date: Late summer to early autumn
Planting Requirements: Keep moderately moist throughout summer.
Soil Requirements: Likes moisture retentive, humus enriched soil.
Growth Rate: Moderate
Unique Characteristics: Unique, showy, exotic mix of blooms. A welcome addition for late season color for your garden. Along with traditional mums or asters, these small orchid-like curious blooms with add a touch of excitement for your garden.
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Stunning blooms! Review by Amanda Brecht - Homestead, IA
Posted on 2013-09-04 12:06:53

I planted these lilies early May and had to wait until the beginning of September to see was well worth the wait! The plant itself grew very well and is very healthy- no problems there! The blooms are about the size of a dollar coin this year, but I am assuming they will grow larger, as they are absolutely stunning. Right now I just have the purple speckled blooms as shown and am hoping for some other colors! Love these and will probably buy more!

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Toad Lilies are the perfect way to dress up your shade garden! These star-shaped blooms love damp, shady spots. Their blooms sport showy funnel-shaped petals that look almost orchid-like as they stretch outward. The gently-arching fuzzy stems produce clusters of exotic upright blossoms perfect for cut flower arrangements. This delightful mix provides an array of pastel flowers, all splashed with bright freckles of various colors.

The Toad Lily Mix starts to bloom in late summer and continues to put on a show well into fall. This garden lily flower prefers humus-rich soil that is kept moderately moist all summer long. Place your lily flower plant in a partially shaded area for best results. The Toad Lily Mix reaches up to 24 inches in height and spreads to about 24 inches in width, so plant them a good 18 – 24 inches apart. The flowers that bloom across this canvas are quite eye-catching, especially considering that they emerge in fall when most gardens start to lose their color. Good news for autumnal gardeners who plan to plant asters or mums: this garden lily flower accentuates its fellow fall flowers, enhancing borders, beds, containers and naturalized areas. In fact, it adds a touch of exotic beauty amid an otherwise rustic season. Properly cared for, this perennial flower will continue to speckle your autumn garden with color year after year.

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