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Summer Daffodil

Summer Daffodil

Unusual Daffodil Blooms in Summer!
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Fragrant double flowers of ivory-white with a trace of yellow. Easily complements other summer-blooming perennials such as bellflowers, hardy geraniums or lavender, to name a few.

Product Information:

Light: Partial Shade, Full Sun
Height: 10 - 12"
Deer Resistant
Bloom Time: Early summer
Spread: 4 - 6"
Zones: 4-9

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Summer Daffodil Product Details

Botanical Name: Narcissus Erlicheer (Div 8 tazetta type)
Form: Bulb
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade, Full Sun
Height/Habit: 10 - 12"
Spread: 4 - 6"
Spacing: 4 - 6"
Hardiness Zone: 4-9
Foliage Type: Long, narrow gray-green leaves.
Flower Form: Petite, double blooms 1 1/2" across.
Flower Color: White
Flowering Date: Early summer
Planting Requirements: Plant 6" deep and 4 - 6" apart.
Soil Requirements: Well-drained.
Growth Rate: Moderate
Unique Characteristics: These daffodils are unusual because of their summer flowering tendencies. Extremely nice fragrance. Developed in 1951, but only recently brought into mass-cultivation.
Pruning: Let foliage mature and die down naturally. The leaves are providing nourishment for bulbs to produce future growth and blooms.
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Summer Daffodil Customer Reviews     Write a Review

So lovely Review by GK - Potomac, MD
Posted on 2013-09-04 09:04:30

When these came up last spring, I could not help but to go out and visit them every day. I bought a whole bunch more this Fall to add to my garden.

Smells SO GOOD! Review by Melissa - Grand Rapids, MI
Posted on 2013-08-01 22:13:23

Bloomed nicely the first summer. The smell delicious! I wish I would have bought more of them. I have been very pleased with all my Michigan Bulb purchases.

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Not your average daffodil, this remarkable beauty has a number of unique attributes. The richly fragrant double blooms of the Summer Daffodil are the perfect finale to spring's end, with their blooms appearing during the summer months, long after your other daffodils have retired for the season. First developed in the 1950s and not widely available on the market until recent years, these sweetly-scented summer daffodils show off creamy, ruffled ivory white flowers with soft traces of buttery yellow. Its full, 1 1/2-inch wide double blooms naturally complement other summer-blooming perennials - bellflowers, geraniums and lavenders- or provide a show-stopping encore in your daffodil bed. To achieve this look, simply plant your summer daffodil bulbs amongst other daffodils with staggered bloom times. As summer flowering bulbs, they will grow moderately to between 10 to 12 inches in height during the early part of the summer season. Their long, narrow grayish green leaves provide attractive foliage until the flowers arrive. The summer daffodil thrives in well drained, natural soil. They tolerate most soil types but should remain moist, especially during the growing season. They will flourish under full sun exposure, as well as in partial shade. These low-maintenance daffodil bulbs require little care and can be propogated by division after they're well established. These gorgeous, gardenia-like blooms will perfume your garden sweetly with their delicious fragrance and are equally lovely in mixed beds, as mass single-variety plantings or as an addition to container gardens.

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