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Picotee Begonia Mix

Picotee Begonia Mix

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These large, colorful, camellialike blooms are perfect for a knockout patio planting!

Product Information:

Light: Shade, Partial Shade
Height: 8 - 10"
Bloom Time: Mid summer into early fall
Spread: 10 - 12"
Zones: 10

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Picotee Begonia Mix Product Details

Botanical Name: Begonia tuberous (multiflora (picotee)
Form: Tender bulb
Sun Exposure: Shade, Partial Shade
Height/Habit: 8 - 10"
Spread: 10 - 12"
Spacing: 10 - 12"
Hardiness Zone: 10
Foliage Type: Medium green fleshy leaves with serrated edges.
Flower Form: Camellia-like double blooms with colorful edgings.
Flower Color: Mixed
Flowering Date: Mid summer into early fall
Planting Requirements: 1-2" deep and 10-12" apart, with hollow side up.
Soil Requirements: Never let the soil dry out. Begonias love moist soil.
Growth Rate: Moderate
Unique Characteristics: Large camellia-like blooms with heavily ruffled petals. Each colorful bloom is edged or blended with an accenting color. Begonias are perfect for a patio pot in the shade for standout color.
Pruning: Old blooms drop off as new ones appear. No need for pruning.
Additional Information: For early blooming, start Begonias indoors and transplant outdoors when plants are 1-2" high and danger of frost is past.
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Huge Blooms Review by dutchrub - Pittsburgh, PA
Posted on 2014-09-19 09:39:25

I'll start off by saying that after I planted these tiny rhizomes, I thought that I had killed them. I planted in April, but I didn't see leaves coming through the soil until the end of July. I got so excited, I took about ten pictures. The leaves themselves are mammoth, and they're kind of hairy--not at all how I've seen begonias in the past. And then the first bloom happened. I did a doubletake because I thought it was a piece of colorful garbage that someone tossed in my yard. When I looked again, I saw an enormous (think size of your palm) orange flower with fire-red edges. It looked on fire! It was so beautiful, I could hardly believe it burst forth from a dinky little root. I have since gotten four more of those flowers on the same plant. As one dies and falls off, it's almost immediately replaced by another. This has gone on from August still into September. I'm very, very pleased with this outrageously showy and unique flowers.

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3 for $7.99

If you have a shady spot in your garden and can't settle on a suitable landscape addition, look no further. Our Pictotee Begonia Mix will add an astonishing array of colors to your garden. Begonias come in many beautiful varieties suitable for growing zones 3 - 10, but Picotee begonias are definitely one of the most striking. Beginning in summer, and continuing into the fall and the first frost, our Pictotee begonias produce blooms that average 3 - 4 inches across, but can reach widths of 5 inches. Picotee begonias have camellia-like blooms with delicately ruffled edges rimmed in various contrasting colors. This mix includes buttery yellow blooms rimmed in apricot, soft pink blossoms edged in red, and white petals tipped with rose, among others.

Begonias are tuberous and are easy to grow, requiring only moist soil and a shady spot. Be careful not to expose your begonia plantings to direct sun- they prefer ambient light. The bulbs are round and flat and have a depression in the top. Begonia plantings can be started in seed trays or small pots and can be transplanted when they are about six inches tall. These begonias grow 8 - 10 inches tall and should be spaced about 10 - 12 inches apart. Picotee begonias are fantastic in hanging pots and as container plants, and potting them allows you to easily move them indoors in cold weather. They also add lavish color when planted in shady areas under trees and are lovely when used as border plants.

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