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Mixed Hardy Ferns

Mixed Hardy Ferns

Well-Defined Texture and Color
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Fill those troublesome shady spots with a selection of our best ferns. You'll be delighted at the variety of shapes, sizes and shades of greens that will perk up your shady borders, woodland gardens or bare spots under trees.

Product Information:

Light: Shade, Partial Shade
Height: up to 36"
Deer Resistant
Bloom Time: n/a
Spread: 2 ft
Zones: 3-9

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Mixed Hardy Ferns Product Details

Botanical Name: Mixed Hardy Ferns
Form: Herbaceous perennial
Sun Exposure: Shade, Partial Shade
Height/Habit: up to 36"
Spread: 2 ft
Spacing: 1.-2 ft
Hardiness Zone: 3-9
Foliage Type: Various types of fern foliage
Flower Form: n/a
Flower Color: Green
Flowering Date: n/a
Planting Requirements: Dig a hole large enough to spread out roots without bending them. Set roots 1" - 2" below ground-level. Water in thoroughly.
Soil Requirements: Organic rich, moisture retentive
Growth Rate: good
Unique Characteristics: A fantastic mix of versatile and hardy Ferns. All kinds of fronds in various shades of green. Perfect for the shady areas of the gardens.
Pruning: n/a
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Mixed Hardy Ferns will give those shady and difficult-to-cultivate areas of your garden the splendor a green and verdant oasis. Anyone who welcomes these plants into their life will definitely appreciate the vast array of colors, textures, sizes and frond shapes Mixed Hardy Ferns have to offer. Delicate in appearance but resilient in constitution, hardy ferns are renowned for their long lifespans as well as how little upkeep they require. To get the best results, all that's needed for your Mixed Hardy Ferns is a patch of land out of direct sunlight, and some moist, rich soil -- with a touch of leaf litter and plant compost if needed. Along with placing them in this ideal environment, Mixed Hardy Ferns should have their fronds trimmed in early spring to preserve their visual appeal. Flourishing year after year, these wonderful plants are sure to become one of your favorite perennials and an ever-present showpiece in your garden. And unlike other perennials, Mixed Hardy Ferns tend to improve in appearance and health over time. Because Mixed Hardy Ferns are best planted in the spring or fall, now is the perfect time to add these plants to an area of your garden in need of some extra greenery.

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