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Mixed Cannas

Mixed Cannas

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Huge green, banana-like leaves are as showy as the beautiful mix of blooms in eye-catching shades of orange, yellow and red. The tall stature makes a bold statement in a patio pot and border.

Product Information:

Light: Full sun
Height: 4-6'
Size: Bareroot
Zones: 4 to 9

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Mixed Cannas Product Details

Botanical Name: Canna Generic
Form: Rhizomateous tender perennial
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Height/Habit: x
Spread: 20" - 28"
Spacing: 18" - 24"
Hardiness Zone: 8 - 10
Foliage Type: Large, broad, elliptical and tropical looking. Glaucous green, bright green or bronze foliage, depending on variety.
Flower Form: Petals and sepals united to form large, flared flowers which are clustered along the top portion of the stems
Flower Color: Various, depending on variety
Flowering Date: Early summer onwards.
Planting Requirements: Plant 1" - 1 1/2" deep, firm soil well and water in thoroughly. May be started indoors in spring and transplanted outside after danger of frost has passed
Soil Requirements: Well-drained. Best growth and flowering is achieved if soil in enriched with humus
Growth Rate: Fast once established, which takes approximately 4 - 5 weeks
Unique Characteristics: Beautifully colored flowers in bright, eye-catching tones. Cannas thrives in hot, humid or very dry weather, once established they will tolerate considerable drought. Because of all these assets they are the mainstay in summer gardens and highly valued. They are ideal for borders, screens, specimen plantings and the dwarf varieties are well suited to growing in containers. Easy and undemanding.
Pruning: None, except to remove spent flowers and flower stems
Additional Information: Dwarf varieties foliage 24" - 30" tall, spread 18" - 24"
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The Cannas Plant is the ultimate potted patio plant for those looking to make a bold gardening statement. The plant consists of huge dark green banana-like leaves contrasting on a mixed bloom of yellow, orange, and red flowers. These plants are also great for bordering purposes due to their tall stature and big leaves that create a solid bush

The Cannas Perennial is named so because the plant can thrive in dry weather. Withstanding heat and humidity, the cannas plant can thrive without a lot of maintenance. This makes them great options for summer gardens. There are also dwarf varieties that you can grow in containers for your solariums and patio. The dwarf varieties grow up to three feet tall, while standard plants can reach up to five feet tall.

The mixed bloom consists of large flared flowers. The flowers bloom and cluster in the top portion of the stem, and grow with a combination of vivid colors like orange, red, and yellow. guaranteed to brighten your home and garden. The cannas perennial blooms early in summer, and keep will brightening your garden throughout the season.

The perennial flower plants require at least one foot of spacing in well-drained and humus-enriched soils, and grow well in full sunlight exposure. Maintenance simply involves removing wilted flowers and stems. Once established, the cannas plant will take off on its own and bring your garden up to a whole new level of visual beauty.

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