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Mixed Caladiums

Mixed Caladiums

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This carefully selected mix features decorative foliage with endless diversity in color and pattern. A superb addition for your shaded areas, patio tubs and hanging baskets. Grows in almost any soil providing a continuous color display from summer to frost.

Product Information:

Light: Full to partial shade
Height: 12-24"
Deer Resistant
Size: Bulbs
Zones: 3 to 10(hardy in 9 to 10)

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Mixed Caladiums Product Details

Botanical Name: Caladium x hortulanum
Form: Bulb
Sun Exposure: Shade/Partial Shade
Height/Habit: 12 - 24", depending on variety
Spread: 10-15"
Spacing: 10-15"
Hardiness Zone: 9 - 10
Foliage Type: Large peltate heart-shaped leaves with colorful membranes.
Flower Form: Insignificant
Planting Requirements: Plant 2" deep (bud tips up) and 10" apart. Water well after planting. Place in warm, filtered light away from direct sun light, which will scorch the leaves.
Soil Requirements: Well-drained.
Growth Rate: Moderate
Unique Characteristics: Valued for decorative ornamental leaves, especially as potted plants. Great way to add color to your patio or garden without waiting on plants to bloom. Heart-shaped leaves emerge from bulbs to form clumps of colorful heavily-veined leaves. Perfect mixed in with hosta for lots of color in the shade.
Additional Information: Caladiums are tender and need to be moved indoors for the winter months, or moved to an unheated garage until spring.
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Mixed Caladiums Customer Reviews     Write a Review

Awesome! Review by cj - Albany , NY
Posted on 2013-08-13 21:26:57

These are huge and so beautiful! I'm so glad I bought them. I hope I can keep them safe in the garage till spring. I would recommend these.

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If you're looking to add a diversity of colors and patterns to your yard or garden, mixed caladiums offer a mix of red, green, and white highlights, and are perfect for planting in hanging baskets or outdoor installations. This vibrant plant sprouts large, shield-shaped leaves graced by clumps of coloring. Mixed caladiums grow best in partial shade, as the direct light of the sun can potentially scorch their variegated leaves.

When planting, place the bulbs tips-up two inches below the surface, and allow 10 inches of space between them. Due to their tender nature, mixed caladiums should be moved indoors or into unheated garage during the winter months to prevent inclement weather and dropping temperatures from affecting their natural beauty. These plants can grow from between 12 to 24 inches in height, with between 10 and 15 total inches of spread. Because of their large, veiny leaves, mixed caladiums should be planted in an area shielded from the wind, with the bulbs rooted in moist but well-drained soil. To keep your mixed caladiums looking bold and healthy, simply water the surrounding soil until it's damp, but never soggy. With only a minor amount of care, the multicolored leaves of this lavish plant are sure to add a compelling sense of visual variety to your garden.

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