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Mixed Coral Bells

Mixed Coral Bells

Attractive Foliage Year-Round!
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Delicate bell-shaped flowers on slender stems sway above neat mounds of beautifully scalloped and veined foliage. Long after these petite blooms are done for the season, the foliage remains strong and handsome. Mix may include shades of green, silver, burgundy or caramel.

Product Information:

Light: Full sun to shade
Height: 12-18"
Deer Resistant
Bloom Time: Early to midsummer
Size: Potted
Zones: 4-9

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Mixed Coral Bells Product Details

Botanical Name: Heuchera
Form: herbaceous perennial
Sun Exposure: Shade/Partial Shade/Full Sun
Height/Habit: 12-18"
Spread: 18-24"
Spacing: 20-24"
Hardiness Zone: zones 4-9
Foliage Type: Shallowed lobed leaves and scalloped edges, some with distinctive veining. Forms neat, rounded mounds of foliage.
Flower Form: Tiny bells on slender stems above the neat mounds of foliage
Flower Color: White, pale pink or red
Flowering Date: Early to midsummer
Planting Requirements: Performs well in shade and partial shade areas, but tolerates full sun as well
Soil Requirements: Content in a wide range of soils
Growth Rate: Moderate
Unique Characteristics: Tiny bell flowers on slender stems above neat mounds of decorative foliage. Leaves of each variety are beautifully scalloped and veined. Highly attractive foliage, grows in neat rounded mounds and stays nice all growing season, long after the petite blooms are done for the season. Great as a ground cover from shade to full sun.
Pruning: Remove spent flower stems to tidy up plants for rest of growing season.
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Healthy, Hardy, and Green Review by JoanieB - Edmond, OK
Posted on 2015-04-24 19:08:57

These were very small when I received them in the fall, but they held firm all winter and are growing fantastically this spring. The only thing I was a bit bummed about was the fact that all 3 of them are only green. When it said "mixed", and especially when I saw the picture, I had hoped there would be multiple varieties in each plug, but apparently all of them are the same green variety.

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When looking for suitable plants to provide ground cover in your landscape design, look no further than our mixed coral bells. Heuchera, or coral bells were once widely admired for their spires of reddish flowers. However, its foliage of coral bells are now known as much for the unusual mottling and veining of different-color leaves. The low clumps of long-stemmed evergreen or semi-evergreen lobed foliage make coral bells magnificent choices to be used as ground cover. The flowers are tiny bells on slender stems colored white, pale pink or red and begin blooming in early to midsummer. The foliage of the mixed coral bells may include shades of green, silver, burgundy or caramel. Fairly easy to maintain, coral bells thrive in shade and partially shaded areas but will tolerate sunny conditions.

These Mixed Coral Bells grow to a height of eighteen to twenty-four inches and are content in a wide variety of soil types. The mix feature coral bell plant varieties with beautifully scalloped and veined leaves. The foliage grows in neat rounded mounds that maintain long after the blooms have disappeared. In addition to serving as ground cover, coral bells can grow in containers and be used in flower beds and borders. These mixed coral bells are a truly scintillating addition to any landscape design.

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