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Lizard's Tail Succulent

Lizard's Tail Succulent

The hottest trend in patio gardening!
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Dense, triangular leaves with hints of purple on lush green tones have a wonderful spreading habit.

Be one of the first to add these easy-care beauties to your patio! Amazing, colorful succulent varieties are simple to care for, yet high in style. It's easy to see why they are the latest and greatest gardening trend! Unique shapes, colors and textures add loads of interest to borders, rock gardens and containers—perfect for nearly any sunny area. Plus, drought-tolerant plants will thrive through even the hottest summer months.

Product Information:

Light: Full sun to partial shade
Height: 6-24"
Bloom Time: Summer
Size: Potted
Zones: 3 to 10 (Move indoors before frost in Zones 2 to 8)

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Lizard's Tail Succulent Product Details

Botanical Name: Crassula muscosa pseudolycopodiodes Princess Pine
Form: Succulent tender perennial
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun
Height/Habit: 6 - 12"
Spread: 6 - 8"
Hardiness Zone: Zones 9 -10 tender succulent
Foliage Type: Dense triangular, scale like leaves.
Flower Form: Tiny yellow.
Flower Color: yellow
Flowering Date: Spring and fall, winter
Planting Requirements: Best to start in small pots and repot if necessary. Northern areas can place in full sun, but seems to do best in partial shade.
Soil Requirements: Let soil dry out between waterings.
Growth Rate: Moderate.
Unique Characteristics: Succulents are the latest and greatest trend in gardening. They offer low maintenance but high style with many different shapes, colors and textures. This one has been known by many different names, such as princess pine, watch chain, lizard's tail and has even been likened to undersea coral. Whatever you want to call it, it has a wonderful spreading habit with hints of purple in the lush green tones of the succulent foliage. Most varieties of succulents will branch on their own, but if it gets leggy or stretched, simply pinch back some of the foliage.
Pruning: Pinch back if plants get leggy or stretched.
Additional Information: Frost tolerant to 25 degrees F without damage. In the south full sun is a bit much in summer time. Provide a bit of shade in the late afternoon.
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Lizard's Tail Succulent Customer Reviews     Write a Review

Lizard Tails Review by Lori Janeiro - Crescent City, CA
Posted on 2013-03-24 21:41:19

I have been growing this for a few years. This is a wondeful ground cover and add to potted plants or as a filler to cactus garden. This is great as it grows the birds grab at it and drop it through your yard, it needs no fuss and roots alone. I wouldnt have a cactus garden without it....

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Indigenous to South Africa, the Lizard's Tail succulent is a popular houseplant worldwide. Although its botanical name is Crassula muscosa, it also goes by many common names, including Rattail Crassula, Watch Chain, Zipper Plant and Princess Pine. A compact plant with triangular leaves that show hints of purple on the uniquely textured green foliage, this perennial succulent has a wonderful spreading habit. These succulent plants flower during the spring, fall and winter, producing tiny greenish-white to yellow flowers. One of the many easy to care for succulent plants that we offer, the Lizard's Tail succulent's unique look is a great addition to borders, rock gardens, containers or arid bare patches. These plants thrive through drought during the hottest of summer months. These plants are hardy outdoors year-round in zones 9 - 10, and are frost resistant down to 25 degrees F. In colder climates, you may wish to move them indoors for the winter. It is best to place container-grown Lizard's Tail succulents in small pots from the start, repotting to a larger vessel when necessary. They grow at a moderate pace and their soil should be dried out between watering. This perennial succulent has a consistent spreading habit, being able to branch out on their own with little maintenance needed. Add this fun perennial succulent to your patio or garden to appreciate its tantilizing texture and cool colors all year long.

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