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Legends™ Rose

Legends™ Rose

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Huge velvet ruby-red blooms spiral open to create bold, traffic-stopping focal points in any garden. 'WEKsiamia', PPAF.

Own-root roses are ideal for gardeners who want to enjoy the beauty of growing roses without all the hassle of big, bulky bareroot plants. Leave your shovel in the shed; these little beauties can be tucked into the garden with the same speed and ease as bedding plants!

Product Information:

Light: Full sun to partial shade
Height: 2-4'
Bloom Time: Early to late summer
Size: Potted plugs
Zones: 4 to 10

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Legends™ Rose Product Details

Botanical Name: Rosa 'WEKsiamia' (Legends™ ) PPAF
Form: Deciduous shrub
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun
Height/Habit: 2 - 4'
Spread: 2 - 3'
Spacing: 2 - 3'
Hardiness Zone: Zones 4 - 10
Foliage Type: Medium to dark green, glossy leather foliage.
Flower Form: Massive, full and ruffled blooms.
Flower Color: Rich ruby red
Flowering Date: Late spring to late summer.
Planting Requirements: Plant at the same level as the soil so the crown of the plant is even with the soil level. Don't bury the crown. Full sun is best for quicker flowering and higher quality plants.
Soil Requirements: Well drained, humus enriched soil.
Growth Rate: Moderate once established.
Unique Characteristics: Own-root roses exhibit phenomenal flower power and super hardy plants from a rose plug. Roses grown on their own roots are naturally hardier than grafted roses. In cold climates, new shoots that emerge in spring are true to type, not undesirable suckers below the bud union. These roses exhibit fuller more symmetrical rose plants with more fragrant, beautiful flowers. Large buds open to reveal humungous blooms in a rich ruby red that stays brilliant to the end. The fragrance is a light fruity scent.
Pruning: Prune to maintain shape and increase branching once established. Remove any dead or damaged branches.
Additional Information: Roses prefer a thorough watering but do not like 'wet feet'. Water early in the day to avoid wet conditions into the night which can cause issues with fungus and disease.
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Legends™ Rose Customer Reviews     Write a Review

Huge and beautiful! Review by Julie - Sanbornton, AL
Posted on 2013-09-01 15:58:47

These stand up to their hype! It has huge beautiful blooms. I just bought this rose this spring and it is now 2 feet tall and has several 6 to 7 inches in diameter. If you order it, it won't disappoint!

good size Review by angela s - queens, NY
Posted on 2012-05-25 17:56:20

i got good size plants that im sure will live about 10 inches tall. thay came realy green and had new red shoots. im happy with these legends plugs.

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The Legend Rose offers larger than life bold blooms, saturated, non-fading ruby-red color, and unique, rich, dark tinted leaves. Exquisite leaf arrangement and the high-crowned and full flower blossoms make for perfect landscaping. The long- lasting cut blooms and the emanating enticing fragrances are just perfect for interior flower arrangements.

A Legend Rose blooms gloriously to provide a primary pivotal point in the garden. As own roots, they provide a primary and compact garden plant for gardeners. This means that they are neither grafted, nor grown through budding; instead, they are essentially first year cuttings grown from the mother plant as per the client's requirements. The primary source is the main stock plant. This means that they are virus-free, and quickly catch up with the older grafted roses. Additional benefits include extreme hardiness, as they have a strong crown and own roots.

The Legend Rose plant is easy to plant. The own-roots origin ensures that they immediately send shoots from the ground, resulting into a shapelier bush. This makes the rose variety a darling for many passionate gardeners. Endowed with lightly fragrant properties, they will aptly turn your garden into a serene and perfumed haven. Their handy nature ensures flourishing in varied light conditions and weather. They thrive in full sunlight to partial shade, so you can easily plant them in an open garden, or just under your balcony. The own-root origin ensures that the rose plant is firmly anchored to the ground, thus can easily shoot from the ground, and back to the original glorious rose after winter.

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