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Hobbit Succulent

Hobbit Succulent

The hottest trend in patio gardening!
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Thick, curled tubular stems have red-tipped edges that look like suction cups.

Be one of the first to add these easy-care beauties to your patio! Amazing, colorful succulent varieties are simple to care for, yet high in style. It's easy to see why they are the latest and greatest gardening trend! Unique shapes, colors and textures add loads of interest to borders, rock gardens and containers—perfect for nearly any sunny area. Plus, drought-tolerant plants will thrive through even the hottest summer months.

Product Information:

Light: Full sun to partial shade
Height: 6-24"
Bloom Time: Summer
Size: Potted
Zones: 3 to 10 (Move indoors before frost in Zones 2 to 8)

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Hobbit Succulent Product Details

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata 'Hobbit'
Form: Succulent tender perennial
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun
Height/Habit: slowly can reach 1 - 3'
Spread: 1 - 2'
Spacing: 1 - 2'
Hardiness Zone: Zones 9-10 tender succulent
Foliage Type: Thick leaves that are curled tubular with a suction cup looking end.
Flower Form: Star like pinkish white blooms.
Flower Color: pinkish white
Flowering Date: Infrequent blooms in late fall to early winter.
Planting Requirements: Best to start in small pots and repot if necessary. Will do well in sun or shade, but the red tips may not be as prominent in shade.
Soil Requirements: Let soil dry out between waterings.
Growth Rate: Slow.
Unique Characteristics: Succulents are the latest and greatest trend in gardening. They offer low maintenance but high style with many different shapes, colors and textures. This one has peculiar thick stems that seem to curve at the ends and give the appearance of a suction cup which is tipped in red. It has an interesting growth pattern that becomes thick with age and the stem pattern can be just as unique. Great rock garden item in the southern regions and a wonderful patio item and houseplant in the north.
Pruning: Pinch back if plants get leggy.
Additional Information: Frost tolerant to 25 degrees F without damage.
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The name "Hobbit Succulent" may imply small size, but don't be fooled: this colorful jade plant can grow up to 24 inches tall. When it reaches its maximum height, the Hobbit Succulent is certainly a sight to see. It boasts tubular green stems with ending in open, curled orange to scarlet red tips that resemble suction cups, a growth pattern that is unique and eye-catching. This colorful succulent thrives in container gardens, which means it can be planted almost anywhere where there's space for one. It thrives in partial shade to full sunlight, though most prefer the latter, and full sun will accentuate the plant's signature red tips. As for watering, it's best to let the Hobbit Succulent's soil dry out entirely before you give it another drink. Although it's technically best suited for planting in zones nine and ten, those in zones two through eight can still easily grow a Hobbit Succulent. Just be sure to bring it indoors before the first frost, as Hobbits like to stay warm and cozy.

The Hobbit succulent's eye-catching evergreen leaves retain their colors all year long, while its star-like flowers - which bloom in a soft shade of pinkish white - appear in late fall to early winter. You may have to prune your plant at this time, but that requires only that you pinch it back to prevent your succulent from appearing leggy. A popular addition to gardens everywhere, these succulents are easy to care for and quite interesting to look at. Spectacular rock garden succulents, the Hobbit variety can be transplanted and moved indoors with ease. Whether adorning a stone wall, adding interest to arid rocky ground or livening up a patio, the Hobbit succulent is a precious addition to your garden.

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