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Hardy Evergreen Bamboo

Hardy Evergreen Bamboo

Create an Enchanting Addition to Your Yard or Pathway
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One of the hardiest bamboos for the northern gardener. Ideal for creating a natural privacy screen.

Instantly transform the look of your garden by adding easy-care ornamental grasses. They make stunning focal points, graceful borders or perfect complements to your other plantings.

Product Information:

Light: Full sun to partial shade
Height: 18-30'
Deer Resistant
Size: Potted
Zones: 5 to 9

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Hardy Evergreen Bamboo Product Details

Botanical Name: Phyllostachys bissetii
Form: Evergreen perennial
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun
Height/Habit: 18 - 30'+, colder regions will only reach approx. 18'
Spread: spreading by rhizomatous roots
Hardiness Zone: 5 - 9
Foliage Type: Narrowly lance-shaped leaves on sturdy hollow culms (stems), dark green in color approx. 1" in diameter.
Planting Requirements: Where marginally hardy, plant in an area protected from drying winter winds.
Soil Requirements: Fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soil.
Growth Rate: Moderate to fast
Unique Characteristics: One of the hardiest bamboos for the northern gardener. First to send up shoots (culms) in spring time. Tall sturdy culms are a rich green and hollow inside. This bamboo grows into a dense grove or screen, perfect to create a private area in your landscape. Maintains dark emerald green appearance even in the harshest winters.
Pruning: Remove culms (stalks) to control growth into unwanted areas.
Additional Information: Named after David Bissett, Superintendent of USDA Plant Introductions Station, Savannah Georgia, 1924-1957.
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Hardy Evergreen Bamboo Customer Reviews     Write a Review

Fast Growing! Review by Joseph Hernandez - Chicago Heights, IL
Posted on 2014-08-30 11:08:03

I purchased these to start on an eventual hedge. Four months later and they have grown taller and hardier. They have even started to sprout multiple new shoots and begin new clusters. They have nice deep green leaves that will look great as they get taller.

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Hardy Evergreen Bamboo is a rich verdant bamboo strain that maintains its coloration even in severe climates. These bamboo canes grow fast, and when the foliage matures, they can reach heights anywhere from 18 to 30 feet and develop into exceptional hedges for privacy and landscape cover. This hardy bamboo grows in clumps and should be planted about four to six feet apart to allow for new shoots to prosper. It grows very well in moderate climates: even in colder zones, including Zones 5 and 6, this bamboo reaches 18-30 feet in stature. The hollow hardy bamboo stalks grow quite rapidly and can attain up to a two-inch diameter. This clumping bamboo is non-invasive and growth is easily controlled. Perfect as privacy plants or for dividing lines in your landscape; our Hardy Evergreen Bamboo lends the perfect touch to your yard.

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