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Flat Wonderful™ Peach

Flat Wonderful™ Peach

A truly unique peach from Rutgers University.
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The Flat WonderfulTM Peach tree gives you gorgeous, showy blooms in spring, glossy red foliage in early summer and doughnut-shaped peaches in late July. They taste better than regular peaches. They're sweeter, with an almond overtone. Fruit is super sweet with a soft yet firm flesh- never mushy or bland. Great for fresh eating as well as canning and baking. Self-pollinating.

Not available in CA, OR, WA.

Product Information:

Light: Full sun
Harvest: Midsummer
Height: 12-18'
Bloom Time: Mid to late spring
Size: Bareroot
Zones: 5 to 8

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Flat Wonderful™ Peach Product Details

Botanical Name: Prunus persica 'Flat Wonderful' PP16836
Form: Deciduous woody tree.
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Height/Habit: 12 - 18'
Spread: 12 - 18'
Spacing: 12 - 18'
Hardiness Zone: 5 - 8
Foliage Type: 3 - 6" long lanceolate, slightly serrated on the edges, rich burgundy color eventually turns green by midsummer.
Flower Form: Single petal saucer shaped blooms.
Flower Color: Light pink
Flowering Date: Mid to late spring
Planting Requirements: Plant with bud union 1 - 2" above the soil surface.
Soil Requirements: Well-drained, organic-enriched sandy loam.
Growth Rate: Moderate.
Unique Characteristics: Unique peach from Rutgers University. Gorgeous multitude of pink blooms in spring, followed by attractive red foliage in early summer, by midsummer super sweet fruit appear. This is no ordinary peach. The fruit is somewhat flat like a doughnut and the flesh is firm but very sweet. This peach is great for canning or freezing, it never gets mushy or bland.
Pruning: Prune after most of freezing weather has past, but before tree leafs out - late winter to very early spring.
Additional Information: Each tree will yield 2 1/2 to 3 bushels of fruit at maturity.
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Flat Wonderful™ Peach Customer Reviews     Write a Review

Beautiful Tree Review by Sophie - Buffalo, NY
Posted on 2015-05-17 04:16:58

Purchased last May. No peaches yet but the tree is gorgeous .

So far so good! Review by Mike Nora - Libertyville, IL
Posted on 2015-01-20 14:54:51

Bought 2x of these peach trees 2 springs ago. When they arrived, they were about 18" tall. Today, 1 stands about 7ft tall, the other 5.5 ft. (Some of the fastest growing trees I have ever seen) Hardy trees too! Survived last year's horribly cold winter, w/temps hitting -30+ (Chicagoland). Hoping to get fruit off of them this year (year 3)

Flat Wonderful Peach Review by Eva - Navarre, FL
Posted on 2014-03-30 09:21:36

I received my peach tree yesterday and I was so amazed. It had lots of beautiful roots on it. I can't wait to see it grow. "MICHIGAN BULB CO", YOU are my company to order from. I will be placing more orders from this company.

I was surprised! Review by Saul Lara - Chicago, IL
Posted on 2013-04-02 20:01:14

I was surprised when I received my peach tree, because for the price its a very good deal, the tree is almost 3ft tall, it looks like they pruned it before shipping it, its been only 2 weeks since I planted it and its starting to grow a little, I can't wait for it to grow peaches.

Nice big peach trees! Review by Shannon Meisinger - Colorado Springs, CO
Posted on 2012-05-04 11:29:56

Wow!! I have been wanting to buy a Flat Wonderful Peach tree for a few years, but they were always too expensive. When I saw them at Michigan Bulb for about half the price of other places, I thought the trees would probably be more like twigs, but at that price I could buy them small and wait a little longer for them to grow. Imagine my surprise when my order arrived in less than a week, and the trees were big, sturdy TREES! Like the last reviewer said, these were by far the nicest, biggest fruit trees I have ever gotten when ordering from a catalog company! I can't wait to see them leaf out--they are just showing the tiny tips now, so I will get to enjoy the whole Spring show of pink blossoms and red foliage. I am VERY impressed, and will certainly put Michigan Bulb at the top of my list for future plant orders! Thank you!

Retrackion Review by Amanda - Piedmont, SC
Posted on 2012-04-28 20:50:56

Once I got my peach tree a month and two emails complaining of how long it took to get the tree they moved up the shipping date from a month and a half to one month. This tree arrived in amazing condition and started budding out just an hour after planting. And the size, wow it was the biggest tallest tree I have ever ordered from anywhere and I must admit the price of this order was great. I felt I was almost stealing this tree. I can't wait until it fruits. I'll keep you posted.Michigan bulb is quick to fix complains and has great products.

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