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Filigree Hosta

Filigree Hosta

Uniquely colored foliage!
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This Hosta is called Filigree because of the contrasting green veins in the foliage. The intriguing white leaves of this one-of-a-kind hosta gradually turn green in the weeks after opening. Lavender, funnel-shaped flowers sit atop scapes up to 20" tall.

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Light: Shade, Partial Shade
Height: foliage: 1 ft high and flowers up to 20" high
Bloom Time: Mid Summer
Spread: 24"
Zones: 3-9

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Filigree Hosta Product Details

Botanical Name: Hosta 'White Feather'
Form: harbaceous perennial
Sun Exposure: Shade, Partial Shade
Height/Habit: foliage: 1 ft high and flowers up to 20" high
Spread: 24"
Spacing: 1.5 ft.
Hardiness Zone: 3-9
Foliage Type: Foliage is unique in color. It is white when opening and changes in the following weeks to greenish-white
Flower Form: Narrow funnel-shaped flowers on scapes up to 20" tall.
Flower Color: lavender
Flowering Date: Mid Summer
Planting Requirements: This variety must be planted in shade. It does not tolerate sun!
Soil Requirements: Well drained, humus rich garden soil.
Growth Rate: slow/moderate
Unique Characteristics: Unique white leaves, which gradually change to greenish/cream. A one of a kind Hosta.
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Filigree Hosta Customer Reviews     Write a Review

Doesn't stay white for very long Review by HeatherU - Talbott, TN
Posted on 2015-05-17 02:39:33

I was thrilled when I found this hosta. It grew very quickly but it turned green not long after that. I thought maybe it would do better this year and it's growing very well, but it's nearly all green already. If it ever looked like this photo it would be one of my favorite additions, but it just doesn't. It's white-ish when it first comes up (not white like this photo at all), then it's like a mottled light green, and now it's almost completely green. It is a lighter green than most hostas but I expected it to be white like the photo most of the spring/summer then start turning green toward the end.

filigree didn't grow much Review by Mike - St Louis Park, MN
Posted on 2014-08-06 12:15:09

Hosta filigree hasnt grown much in good soil, water and mosty shade.

Filagree White Hosta Review by rita Edgar - minneapolis, MN
Posted on 2013-08-25 15:25:31

I need a bunch of them to contrast for our Big "H" garden. I offset them in sets of controlled pot sizes to keep them from over running our Irises, Daylilies and other bulbs. Any other nursery who has them, I need them. They are awesome.

Impressive growth, unique color Review by Jeana Weise - Fairbury, NE
Posted on 2013-04-15 12:11:57

This hosta grows very quickly! They came so tiny I thought they would take weeks before I would enjoy them. Only got them about a week ago and the pretty leaves are appearing. We'll see how they do once they are in their permanent home. Had to container plant them due to oddly cold weather this spring. Didn't want to put them out in the snow!

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The Filigree Hosta gets its name from the intricate green veins, or filigree, that stripe its foliage. This is an especially eye-catching feature when the foliage first opens, because, at that time, its tips are white. In the weeks after they open, the plant's leaves typically fade to a creamy pale yellow or light green color. Regardless of the leaves' color, though, the filigree remains a visible part of this impressive plant. The stunning foliage also makes a beautiful backdrop for the 20-inch tall spire of small, delicate funnel-shaped light purple hosta flowers, which typically appear in midsummer. A shade-loving perennial, these ethereal hostas offer a beautiful solution to those dark, shady spaces in your garden.

This large Hosta grows at a slow to moderate rate, reaching its full size at up to one foot tall and two feet wide. Hosta flowers require well-drained soil that's rich in organic matter - try enriching your soil with humus. Because of their large size, these hostasshould be spaced about 20 inches apart. These plants do not tolerate sunlight, so plant them in shady areas of your garden that are lacking in color and interest. Plant Filigree hostas in shaded borders, under trees and shrubs or in foundation areas. Combine a variety of strikingly-colored perennial hostas to provide years of lively interest to hard-to-fill shaded garden areas.

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