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Ebony King Blackberry

Ebony King Blackberry

Perfect for baking a tasty treat.
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Before the hot weather starts, this blackberry produces large, up to 1", purplish-black fruits you won't be able to resist. Canes are upright, self-supporting and self-pollinating. Space 5-6' apart.

Product Information:

Light: Full sun to partial shade
Harvest: Early summer
Height: 3-4'
Size: Bareroot
Zones: 4 to 8

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Ebony King Blackberry Product Details

Botanical Name: Rubus 'Ebony King'
Form: Small fruit
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun
Height/Habit: 3 - 4'
Spread: 3 - 4'
Spacing: 3 - 5'
Hardiness Zone: 4 - 8
Foliage Type: Medium green, serrated edge.
Flower Form: Small, white.
Flower Color: White
Flowering Date: Late spring to early summer.
Soil Requirements: Good drainage, pH 5.5 - 6.5
Growth Rate: Fast
Unique Characteristics: Very sweet, large, long, purplish-black fruit bears in mid-June, before hot weather sets in. Semi-upright, self pollinating. Listed as mostly thornless, where it would send out occasional thorns but is not covered severly like some varieties can be.
Pruning: After fruit is harvested, cut stems back to the soil surface.
Additional Information: Blackberries produce fruit on one year old stems. As soon as fruit is harvested, you may cut stems back or wait until spring pruning time.
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Awsome Review by Xaiyo Reynolds - New York, NY
Posted on 2012-05-27 07:29:03

It is a beautiful plant and I just love it. Michigan Bulb is the best.

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There are few things better than enjoying a bowl of fresh berries on a beautiful summer day. These blackberry fruits are delicious; sweet, juicy and flavorful, they can be used to prepare a bounty of desserts - pies, tarts, ice cream, jellies and preserves just to name a few. The good news is you don't have to settle for store-bought blackberries anymore- this variety is very easy to grow in your home garden. The Ebony King blackberry is a special variety that is favored for its large fruit and thornless canes. Apart from its refreshingly sweet taste, the ebony blackberry also contains various nutrients such as vitamin C, folic acid, antioxidants, and fiber.

As a perennial plant, the Ebony King Blackberry produces fruit year after year. To ensure the growth of robust blackberry fruits, plant the ebony blackberry in well-drained soil and place it in a partially shaded spot in your garden. Its tiny white flowers will attract honeybees and butterflies, and the berries will bring birds to your yard. The short, 3 - 4 foot tall semi-erect canes need very little maintenence. To enhance the plant's fruit production, make sure to prune it regularly when it begins to overgrow. You can start harvesting berries from your Ebony King Blackberry plants as early as mid-summer, just before the peak of the season's heat. The large, deep-purple colored blackberry fruits will be a delicious addition to your favorite desserts, or enjoy them fresh by the handful.

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